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Ciate’s making MORE chocolate nail polish removers??

Oh my god as if I don’t already have enough of a finger-licking, nail-biting problem! Siigggghhhh.

The full range:

White Chocolate.

Orange Chocolate.

Dark Chocolate.

Mint Chocolate.

I tried buying them as soon as I saw the flyer in my email, but the website currently prices them at £0.00 and I can’t add them to my shopping cart. Glitch, maybe? Ohhh Ciate, ciate, why do you torment me so ;_____;

I’m a HUGE fan of Ciate and I’ve bought God-only-knows-how-many polishes from them over the last five years. Their colours are always gorgeous and never cease to amaze me. My favourite is the Fairground range… The colours are everything I associate with my first date with The Boy, which happened at a fun fair. ^^ Ciate has a way of making you fall in love with varnish all over again and everytime they send me a new newsletter I get giggly girly goosebumps.

One of the wonderful things about a boyfriend with big hands, is a boyfriend with HUGE nails for me to practice on 😛


The other hand says GILTY (Guilty)

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Achey Achey Tummy :(

‘Peen-peen’, she said. Hah.

GotD: Persona 3 Portable
Eyecandy: Criminal Minds S06

The boy and I went to a marvelous restaurant two nights ago that specializes in cheese-based food that you’d usually find in the Alps. It was gorgeous. Here, have a sample:


Beef in cheese, Potatoes in cheese, Salad in cheese.

and we went there because I said to him, I feel like something strong today. Can we have Cheese?… or Pizza Hut. Or Cheese?… So we went for cheese in the next town over, in Arras.

It still hasn’t quite gone down right ><

To try and take my mind off the dull, achey stomach, I did a little… redecorating. The Charizard decal on my 3DS was starting to peel and tatter so I took the whole thing off and…

shiiiiny shiiiny shiiiiny

… polished the surface off with alcohol rub, to get the glue off…

… drew up several design templates (yes that is the Animal Crossing leaf, which I decided not to use in the end….

… in place of these guys!) and painted on the final design with a sharpie and a gold pen. It’s a rabbit and a bear, I hope at least that much is obvious 😦

I TRIED SOOOO HARD to make it cleaner. But it’s hard. Also, I kinda ruined it now, because I thought of varnishing it over with clear nail polish, which is when I discovered that nail polish dissolves sharpie ink. So with a combination of clear nail polish (I used Barry M topcoat) and nail polish remover (to remove the combined nail polish + sharpie ink), you can REMOVE SHARPIE INK FROM SMOOTH SURFACES.

(Smooth only, because obviously, if you used nail polish on like, a sofa,

–> hashtag: LPT right there for you guys 😉

Criminal Minds makes you wish you could wish death on some people.


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Everyone’s a little bit racist

… And what better way to christen a new blog than with a juicy, colourful post about racism?

Now before people start complaining about my racism and sending me hate mail, let me explain that I mean that lightheartedly and I mean absolutely no offence. If you find offence in the following conversation then you need to stop and take a good look at yourself.

This actually happened while I was watching Criminal Minds (which I’m only 6 episodes into but is a damned emotional roller coaster. Thanks a lot, Lydia, for making sure my summer will not be boring. In my defence I was watching it while playing P3P on my Vita.

Me: Lydia, why are all the black people in this episode black
Lydia: ….
Lydia: ahahaha oh my god. I was going to say, like “errrr pigmentation?”

*crickets chirping*

Awkward silence is always a good exit cue.