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Ciate’s making MORE chocolate nail polish removers??

Oh my god as if I don’t already have enough of a finger-licking, nail-biting problem! Siigggghhhh.

The full range:

White Chocolate.

Orange Chocolate.

Dark Chocolate.

Mint Chocolate.

I tried buying them as soon as I saw the flyer in my email, but the website currently prices them at £0.00 and I can’t add them to my shopping cart. Glitch, maybe? Ohhh Ciate, ciate, why do you torment me so ;_____;

I’m a HUGE fan of Ciate and I’ve bought God-only-knows-how-many polishes from them over the last five years. Their colours are always gorgeous and never cease to amaze me. My favourite is the Fairground range… The colours are everything I associate with my first date with The Boy, which happened at a fun fair. ^^ Ciate has a way of making you fall in love with varnish all over again and everytime they send me a new newsletter I get giggly girly goosebumps.

One of the wonderful things about a boyfriend with big hands, is a boyfriend with HUGE nails for me to practice on 😛


The other hand says GILTY (Guilty)


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