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This is not a page containing personal information.

If you're reading this it's because I'm invisible

So this blog is a moving attempt from thedailyrabbit.wordpress.com. Yes, I know, I’ve had several of those attempts, experimenting with other blog hosts (blogger, livejournal, etc) and I’ve even tried to meta-blog via twitter, facebook, raptr. But it’s just not the same as using wordpress. So I logged back in and tried to start over from my previous blog but… there’s no continuity. I felt no real connection with it anymore. I made my last post on that blog 3 years ago and my God things have changed since. I want to revamp everything; the style of the blog, the style of writing, the mood, the sidebar. I just got a glimpse at myself from 3 years ago and I was like woaaah this is a stranger’s blog. Let’s try again.

It felt kind of like a violation of sorts, to try to suddenly change everything that blog used to be. I mean, it’s me, after all. So let’s try from the beginning, shall we?


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